Anti theft Backpack

Win red
Silver gray

Anti-theft: No zippers/pockets could will be found at the front of bag pack. The zipper is fully hidden which protects your wallet/laptop/smart phone/others inside backpack away from thief.

Water proof & ABS base: Made of water resistant/anti-scratch durable fabric. A built-in rain cover kept at the bottom slot keeps your things dry from the rain. ABS base make your bag clear.

Built in USB Port: External USB Port with built in cable(Not changable) is convenient to charge smart phone/tablet without opening up the backpack and take out your power bank(Power Bank is NOT included).

TSA friendly: Flat open professional back pack with multiple compartments can store clothes,laptop,tablet,powerbank. Pass Scan point directly. Shock proof inner container provides protection from accidentail impact damage.

Large backpack: Size: 30cm x 12cm x 44cm / 15.6", fit for tall man better.