Silver Four-Leaf Clover Necklace

It is a kind of 4 hearts necklace, and it is also a kind of four leaf clover necklace. It is a kind of 2 in 1 necklace for women. 

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for Mother's Day, for Christmas, or for Valentine's Day, this should be your perfect choice. Yes, a unique gift for her (girlfriend or wife), a unique gift for mom, a unique gift for women and a unique gift for your friends.

Open this luxury rose drawer, make the clover necklace together with this jewelry box a special Valentines Day gifts for her. Happy Valentines Day!

Why Women Like Four-Leaf Clover Jewelry?

They all say that the four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness. If you have it, you can have happiness. Therefore, people love the four-leaf clover jewelry which is a kind of ambition and longing for a happy life, they believe that the four-leaf clover has a magic that could make people happy. Have you received a four-leaf clover ornament? Here this Sterling Silver Four Leaf Necklace is the perfect choice for you to get luck and happiness!

Features & Specification:

  1. Designed with 4 heart shaped clover leaves (one side is red and the other side is blue/black/green color) in wishing best luck to wearers with full heart. 
  2. This Four-Leaf Clover Necklace is the perfect gift for yourself or for your loved ones, especially during exams and other events that would benefit from a bit of luck. Of course it is a necklace for your girlfriend since women all love heart necklace as a valentines day gift. 
  3. The four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Its petals represent faith, hope, love and luck. Wear this necklace when you're in need of a little bit of luck! If you are searching a necklace for her, this will be your perfect choice. It also a perfect mothers day gift, anniversary gift, and valentines day gifts for her.

The Meaning of Each Leaf in the Four-Leaf Clover:

 One Leaf Is for Hope: It let us know that we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. 

 One leaf is for Faith: Nothing can be done without hope and confidence, keep your trust, keep the right attitude. If you're grateful, you will see God open up new doors.

One leaf is for Love: There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. True love is hard to find, but you must have confidence and expectation of pursuing love. Maybe at a certain corner, you will meet him/her who is doomed to belong to you.

One leaf is for Luck: If you want to have good luck, first you must have hope, and you must have faith, you must love and be strong - and so, if you work, if you wait, you will find the place, where the four-leaved clovers grow.

The meaning of the gift of four-leaf clover contains your infinite blessing, and carrying a sincere heart that really hopes that he/she can harvest happiness. Four-leaf Clover Jewelry has formed a representative symbol in the style of women's jewelry. Whether it is expressing love, affection or friendship, four-leaf clover jewelry is a good choice for people.

Four-leaf clover is also called "lucky clover", and flower language is happy, because four-leaf clover is a rare variant of Trifolium. In tens of thousands of alfalfa, there may be only one clover, and the opportunity rate is about 1 in 10000. Because it is so rare that people think that people who can find it are lucky. If you find it, you will gain happiness, and therefore the lucky clover. SO, the four-leaf clover jewelry is also a symbol of luck.

The shape of the leaves of the four-leaf clover looks like a heart shape, and the darker part of the heart of the leaf is also heart-shaped. Each leaf of the four-leaf clover has different meanings, including the things that people dream of in their lives: Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck.

Because the four-leaf clover has been given such a wonderful meaning, more people hope to carry it with them, so the four-leaf clover jewelry meets this expectation, sending four-leaf clover is sending happiness. The four-leaf clover jewelry entrusts the giver with unlimited good wishes and concerns, so that the wearer feels strength, courage and love.