2 in 1 feeder bowl design, With an automatic water bowl, it will refill the water into the dish automatically and help to keep the water filled and clean whether you at home or not.

  • Suitable for dogs and cats: Please check our pets bowl size before order, Food bowl capacity is 2.2L; Water bottle capacity is 528ml
  • Made of High-quality PP material is durable and smooth.
  • The lid is removable, which is convenient to replenish food or water and clean.
  • The anti-slip bottom makes it stable for the dog when eating.
  • Adopting the gravity design, it is automatic and does not need electricity, which is very safe.
  • The food dispenser and waterer are together, Water and food can be fed in the same way, easy and convenient.
  • Water bowl with an white plastic sheet can Keep your pet away from the wet mouth when they drinking,your small pets will like this gift,try our special water and food bowl set for your baby cats or dogs.