2 legs

Great for wrapping the leg to cover cuts and wounds. Simply bandage the wound and then wrap with our Extra Supportive Canine Leg Brace to keep your dog from licking and chewing. Your dog can be suffering from many injuries related to the knee as it keeps jumping on fences or garden gets hurt. If your baby is suffering any of these injuries, it will need an Dog Hock Brace.

Our Extra Supportive Canine Leg Dog Hock Brace was built to provide maximal support and stabilization while remaining lightweight and flexible. helps with: Fatigue Stabilization of hock after injury Any strains of the canine hock Arthritis Support after operation

This Therapeutic Dog Hock Brace is therapy product, clinically proven to reduce pain and chronic inflammation.

Quality Guarantee: This Dog Hock Joint Wrap is make of neoprene sponge rubber fabric.The Neoprene is thick(5mm) and soft,usually use for wetsuits. Soft Sponge can better take care dog wound and relieve dog joint pain,and not affected your dog’s mobility too.


  • Our Dog leg brace will Heal the pain due to injury or surgery. 
  • Provide support and stabilization during the injury. 
  • Assist them to loosen the inflammation. 
  • Helps with Loss of Stability caused by Arthritis.