Gesture control double-sided stunt car

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RED 2Remote 2Batteries

The future has arrived! Introducing Gesture control double-sided stunt car, the first toy car that is controlled by the motions of your hands for a more intuitive experience and higher precision driving.. pretty wicked right?!

You’ve never seen a remote control car move this way.. it can stop on a dime and start driving sideways, skid 360 donuts all day, and it transforms itself depending on the terrain.. um yeah

That’s right this one of a kind remote control off road vehicle has two suspension modes.. one flat against the ground for speed and handling, the other is arched allowing it to travel offload!

Complete with a high speed charging lithium battery for super long play time so the fun never stops.. get your kids off the tv screen and get them outside for hours with this amazing machine

So if you’re looking for a way to get your kids outside, or just looking for an insanely cool gift the GestiSense is sure to blow your mind and provide endless entertainment for you & your family!



  • Gesture Sensing - this one of a kind toy is controlled by the gestures of your hand motions for a more involved and intuitive driving experience
  • Suspension Modes - this remote control can lay complete flat for speed and making pin drop turns, and the car can arch its chassis so that it can take on super rugged terrain
  • Multi Direction - this car can stop in its tracks and drive sides.. SIDEWAYS! Its crazy but true, without even turn the body this car can drive sideways, and at great speed!