Cats love to hide and crawl into tight spaces. This luxurious handmade knitted Marshmallow Twist Cat Bed is super cozy and soft that you might have a hard time getting your little buddy to leave. Plus, this bed is so durable, your pet will enjoy this bed for years to come.


  • This pet bed is hand-knitted cotton tube filled with hollow fiber.
  • It is a hypoallergenic material that does not cause allergies even in sensitive animals.
  • It is durable and yet very soft and comfortable. It will be your pet's favorite place to sleep, rest or play.
  • The rim is adjustable. You can bend it up or down for your pet's comfort.
  • This bed is easy to clean. Wash in cold water on gentle quick cycle then lay flat to dry.


  • Material: Cotton, Hollow Fiber
  • Diameter : Small 30cm, Large 40cm,