Handmade Wood Resin Ring

Ring Size

Best handmade resin ring gift for women.

Crafts- handmade ring with wood resin and plastic, dried flower, ocean blue crystal & orange crystal, band ring with silver & gold foil insided.

Comfort Fit- smooth inside, comfy fit, US size 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 10, 11 available for the resin ring.

Material- Wood + Silver Foil + Resin(real wood and silver foil insided, resin is one of the raw materials of plastic, Plastic is the finished product of resin, Before molding is resin, After molding into plastic.

Design Origin- a handmade jewelry, designed by a famous designer, it's really pretty but not well known to all, you should not miss it. A perfect gift for Christmas gift, birthday, wedding, anniversary and other important occasions you want to remember for a life time.

Size:about 6mm in width,choice diameter size
(please dont use your image to judge size,1-2 mm allowable error)

Size Reference

  • 6.5 size= 17mm in diameter
  • 7.5 size= 18mm in diameter
  • 8.5 size= 19mm in diameter
  • 10 size= 20mm in diameter
  • 11 size= 21mm in diameter